Need a complete solution for GUI programming? Get Redy.™

A unique open source graphical programming environment that helps you quickly develop GUI applications.


2016-06-11: RedyCode version 0.9.2 has been officially released! Many new features have beed added (goto error, find, replace, goto routine, goto line, bookmarks, double-click word/bracket selection, display info when file has changed or is outside the project.) Also, many subtle improvements have been made.

2016-05-27: RedyCode version 0.9.1 has been officially released! Some bugs have been found and fixed.

2016-05-25: RedyCode version 0.9.0 has been officially released! This is the first official version that is useable.

Written in the Euphoria Programming Language

Redy™ (Previously known as Fluid Application Environment) is an open source project written in the Euphoria programming language that helps you write GUI applications in Euphoria by providing a collection of libraries and programs that follow specific standards. It is easy enough for beginners to learn GUI programming, yet powerful enough for experienced programmers to make professional-quality applications.

Euphoria is easy to learn. Its use of simple English words rather than punctuation enables you to quickly read the source code and understand it. It uses dynamic variables called sequences to store data of any size and complexity without dealing with pointers, structures, or data types. It is an extremely fast interpreted language, and can be translated to C and compiled to run even faster.

Simple and Elegant GUI Library

Redy provides a Graphical User Interface library written in 100% Euphoria, which means it does not use Windows common controls or third-party widget toolkits. This unique GUI hides the complexities of low-level operating-system-specific APIs with a system of widgets that allows you to think in Euphoria concepts instead of C or C++ concepts. Because it is written in pure Euphoria, the source code of the entire widget system can be used, understood, and even modified without dealing with another language.

RedyCode Integrated Development Environment

Redy includes an integrated development environment called RedyCode that makes it very easy to write and debug programs written in Euphoria. Although it is optimized for writing Redy applications, it can be used to write Euphoria programs in general. It provides a graphical interface for Euphoria tools such as interpreting, binding, and translating Euphoria programs.